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It used to be that most criminal cases were petty theft, drunk driving, or an assault and battery. But as times change, new ways to commit a crime also arise. In today’s world the use of technology is providing criminals with new and unknown methods to misuse data. Cyber crimes are among the fastest growing category of crime, and the victims are each one of us. Misuse of technology is something hackers do to get at personal information, and only the vigilant are able to keep their data safe. Even then, exposure is a possibility. Some things you can do to limit that exposure include making regular checks of your credit report, looking over your banking accounts at least once a day for unusual activity, and setting up alerts on credit cards so you are notified when an out of the ordinary purchase is made. If you have travel plans you should also let your bank and credit card companies know where you will be visiting, so you have access to funds while out of town and so that your own activity is not flagged as suspicious.

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