The concept of avoiding prison overcrowding by reformation of the criminal justice system that lands people in jail is a good one, but it has to be done right if it is to have any lasting impact.  Measures to minimize sentences for non-violent offenders is a good place to start, and offering substance abuse and mental health rehab rather than sending defendants to jail can result in lower rates of repeat offenders, while giving people the help they need. When the focus is placed on treatment rather than on punishment, people are given a chance to make a change in their habits and sentences that include jail time can be reserved for more serious violations; this is a more “let the punishment fit the crime” system and could mean fewer criminal cases end up with an incarcerated defendant. As it stands today, if reform does not happen, close to 10,000 new inmates will call an Oklahoma incarceration facility home over the next decade.  There is no doubt these changes will impact the way defense strategies are developed, and help from an experienced defense attorney is a must if you are facing charges


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Attorney-Client Privacy Communication Policy:

The Hosty Law Office highly values the privacy given by Attorney-Client privilege and will not jeopardize it in any way.  We recommend friends or family members of the person incarcerated contact us from outside of the jail, prison, or other detention facility because we will not accept collect calls on any office line or cell phone.  Collect calls from inside these facilities are recorded by that facility, eliminating all privacy and confidentiality.


To schedule Thomas Hosty to visit with an individual within incarceration:

  1. Contact the Hosty Law Office using regular U. S. mail correspondence.
  2. Secure email communication may be provided if necessary.
  3. Jail visits are required to be paid in advance.


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