Now that you know the drug laws have been changed as far as how things are classified, as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and what types of changes to expect, we are sure you have questions. What remains to be seen are how some of the following questions will be answered:


● Will the DPS see an increase in case volume, meaning a slowdown of the process when your driver’s license is taken away and you have to ask for it back or for a limited right to drive?


● Will you lose your license if you are charged with a misdemeanor drug charge, or is that only in the case of a DUI?


● Will prosecutors be able to negotiate different probationary terms? And if so, what types of changes in probation can we expect?


● Will the population of jails and prisons increase, or decrease?

If a misdemeanor charge can open up more options for defendants, by way of rehabilitation and educational opportunities, the changes might be seen as a positive. But if not, then how do we strike the right balance so social interests are still met? As these changes start to take place, we will learn the answers to these questions and more, and keep you informed.


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