Life Focus Counseling Services

Substance Abuse Assessments


Dr. Wenona R. Barnes, ICADC

4045 N.W. 64th, Suite 501

Oklahoma City, OK 73116


(405) 840-5252

Therapist & Mediator

Certified Assessor


Dawn Feronti Henry, M. Ed., LBP, LADC

3033 N. W. 63rd, Suite 155E

Oklahoma City, OK 73112


(405) 361-8127 / EMAIL DAWN

The Wyatt Group

Assessments and Counseling


Vicky Harris Wyatt, Ph. D.

501 N. Walker Ave., Suite 110

Oklahoma City, OK 73101


(405) 232-1000

Alcohol Training & Education, Inc.

Alcohol/Drug Substance Abuse Courses


6803 S. Western, Suite 309

Oklahoma City, OK 73139



(405) 604 - 5344

Specialized Outpatient Services



217 N. Harvey, Suite 501

Oklahoma City, OK 73102



(405) 810-1766

Norman Alcohol Information Center

DUI School / ADSAC


215 W. Linn

Norman, OK 73069



(405) 321-0022

Challenge Counseling Services, Inc.

Mark Robinett, MHR/LPC

Chuck Bell, M. Ed/LBP


6803 S. Western, Suite 309

Oklahoma City, OK 73139


(405) 604-5344

Life Lab Drug Testing

Substance Abuse Assessments


4045 N.W. 64th, Suite 501

Oklahoma City, OK 73116



(405) 842-6868


OKC and across Oklahoma, we practice DUI, DWI, APC, drug charges defense, expungements, DPS - drivers license, commercial drivers license defense, white collar crime, and larceny. We are one of the best in Oklahoma.
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This material contained in this website is for general information and advertising purposes only.   It does not constitute legal or other professional advice.   While every care has been taken in the preparation not the information on this website, readers are advised to seek particular legal advice from Mr. Hosty in relation to any course of action.   The Hosty Law Office encourages you to meet with Mr. Hosty in person to obtain legal advice.   All of the content on this page is copyrighted to The Hosty Law Office and Thomas W. Hosty PC.  The Hosty Law Office logo is a registered trademark of Thomas W. Hosty PC, Thomas W. Hosty, and the Hosty Law Office.   No claim is made to the exclusive right to use "Law Office" apart from the mark as shown.



Attorney - Client Privacy Communication Policy:

The Hosty Law Office highly values the privacy given by Attorney-Client privilege and will not jeopardize it in any way.  We recommend friends or family members of the person incarcerated contact us from outside of the jail, prison, or other detention facility because we will not accept collect calls on any office line or cell phone.  Collect calls from inside these facilities are recorded by that facility, eliminating all privacy and confidentiality.


To schedule Thomas Hosty to visit with an individual within incarceration:

  1. Contact the Hosty Law Office using regular U. S. mail correspondence.
  2. Secure email communication may be provided if necessary.
  3. Jail visits are required to be paid in advance.


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